India, Delhi – Days 1 – 3

First thoughts on New Delhi: HOLY F*#@*!.

We’ve had so many people tell us we’re ”going in at the deep end with Delhi”, and to mentally prepare ourselves. But bloody hell! After 2 and a half days in Delhi I think we’re totally immune to the sound of car horns, we’ve definitely learnt not to trust that rickshaw drivers will take you to the right place, and we’ve probably come away with severely impaired lungs (dat smog). Arriving in Delhi is intense, but some people are so kind and willing to help two lost looking tourists who just want to book a train ticket (we tried 3 times…). And it’s definitely not boring!

One thing that made the whole transition easier, came in the form of Anuradha. A friend of a family friend who lives in Noida, just outside of New Delhi. She helped us find our feet, setting us up with an Indian SIM card (something you MUST get if you come to India!), lending us her personal chauffeur (!!) and bringing us to her travel agent, so we could figure out the rest of our time here. Basically Anuradha saved us from the inevitable ‘oh my god India is crazy’ meltdown.

You may have noticed a lack of photographs (v unusual when Anna is around), but juggling an obtrusive camera when negotiating the streets of Delhi, turned out to be too much for our brains to handle. But hopefully not for long! 

We are currently on the (fancy) super fast Gatimaan Express train to Agra. Very swish, but not what we should come to expect I think! Planning on getting up at sunrise to see the Taj Mahal, so you can expect to be inundated with generic tourist photos soon. But for now, we have to go and figure out what on earth we are meant to do with the load of 500 rupee notes we have…this should be interesting.

A & K


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