India, Jodhpur & Jaisalmer – Days 9 – 12

Slight delay in getting this blog post written due to a minor bout of illness; nope, not Delhi belly (praise be to the Gods), but some lovely flu symptoms and a good British common cold. Only we could catch colds in India!

We took a bit more time to chill out in Jodhpur, as we were there for a day either side of the 2 in Jaisalmer. We used the city as more of a stop-off, going to and from the desert, but that’s not to say that it was not memorable. We didn’t manage to get to the fort, due to our continued currency problems, but spent the time wandering the markets and sipping chai. We also finally caught up on postcard writing, so they should be on their way, although this is the post box we used…so not too sure of the likelihood of arrival!

Please send us your addresses if you fancy some post, we do love a good bit of post card writing. We left Jodhpur feeling pretty under the weather, but with a 6 hour journey we had plenty of time to nap and let our bodies recover in the Indian warmth. Jaisalmer (“the Golden City”) was fantastic. It was the perfect place to recuperate, chilling out on our rooftop terrace overlooking the Jain temple. We tried our first lassi’s here (yoghurt based drinks), and drank in the heat and sunshine. We also checked out the Gadsisar Lake, just outside the city, which is beautiful.

But the highlight was hands down our trip to the Thar desert. There are a lot of camps set up in Khuri, which is about 42 kilometres from the city, but we were very lucky, as the place we’d booked was right on the edge of the area, so nothing around to spoil the view! After arriving we had a bit of time to chill in our Swiss tent (pretty much glamping in the desert), and then headed out to meet our ride! We were introduced to Lalu, a 10 year old, very well-behaved camel, who plodded along at a leisurely pace, bringing us up to the dunes for sunset. There were no other tourists around (until we got to the dune), and it was such a peaceful and surprisingly relaxing experience (as long as you did your best to ignore the numbness that inevitably resulted from sitting astride a camel for a few hours). Sitting on a sand dune with an ice cold beer in hand far away from the usual noise of India, watching the sun slowly slip away, was just the best experience, and one that will head straight to the top of the list of ‘best things we’ve done so far’.

After the sun had set we returned to the camp and enjoyed an evening of Indian music and traditional dancing, finished off with a buffet of Rajasthani specialities. The whole experience is one that we would really recommend you do if you ever find yourself in this part of the world. Now I can’t believe our time in Rajasthan is almost over, we really don’t want to leave!

A & K


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