India, Udaipur – Days 13 – 15

Udaipur was the perfect place to drink in the last of the Rajasthani sunshine, before heading to Kerala for our last week in India. Known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur is built around a number of lakes, and is known as a centre for performing arts and crafts. It has a really relaxed and chilled out vibe, and there is so much on offer. There were loads of art, yoga and cooking classes available, as well as the standard sightseeing attractions like the city palace. It is quite a tourist hub, but that can be a bit of a welcome change after some areas of India, where you often find yourselves as the only toursits around.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to make full use of what the city has to offer, as we were still struggling to find anywhere that would accept our 500 notes. On top of that, when we tried to get to an ATM, we were told the bank had run out of cash. That being said we still managed to pack a lot into our couple of days there. We got far too excited about the fact that there were finally some “healthy” cafes/restaurants available, where we could let our bodies recover from the ghee laden curries we’d been consuming for the past few weeks. Would highly recommend the Grasswood, and Millets of Mewar cafes if you’re ever in Udaipur!

We spent a long time wandering around the markets and shops, and there were so many things that jumped out at us. From beautifully carved wooden boxes to silk dresses, it’s probably a good thing we can’t carry much with us, as our bank accounts would have taken quite a beating! We did manage to pick up a few hand-drawn postcards from a lovely little art shop in the centre. When the owner invited us inside, he immediately recognised that we were twins, not something that happens very often! We chatted about the fact he was a father of twin boys our age, and we decided to go back a few hours later to get some henna done, when his wife had returned. It was so lovely talking to the both of them whilst we got our wonderful henna done, very happy with the end result.

We also spent a relaxing half hour taking a boat ride around Pichola lake, where we saw the Lake Palace, which sits in the middle, and is one of the most expensive hotels in India. We loved the fact that we felt comfortable enough to wander about at night, and so visited the Bagore-ki-Haveli, which puts on cultural show of music and dance every evening, and sits right on the edge of the lake.

Wish we could have spent longer here, but definitely excited to see what Kerala has to offer, from what we’ve heard, it should be completely different. Rajasthan, you’ve been fantastic! ❤

A & K


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