Thailand, Bangkok – Days 22 – 23

Our time in Bangkok was pretty fleeting, because we were only really there as a stop-off before Myanmar, but may as well still write it up! The most important thing to note is that AMIE JOINED US πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽŠ and now we’ll be spending the next 3 months together, YAAAAS.

Anna and I arrived in Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport at about 7am, while Amie’s flight landed at Suvarnabhumit airport across the city, at 3:45pm. After finding the correct minibus to take us from one airport to the other, we managed to while away the hours by searching out our first non curry-based meal in 3 weeks, playing Uno, and finding random terminal corners in which to sleep in shifts. And finally we were reunited with our no.1 gal, A.M.

We all headed straight for our hostel, mentally preparing ourselves for what we’d be bombarded with in Bangkok (most people we’d spoken to hadn’t been very complimentary of the city), but I think we were all pleasantly surprised. We stayed at Orchid Hostel in the Silom area, and would definitely recommend it! It’s slightly further out so we weren’t hassled when we went in search of street food, and we were over the absolute moon when we were able to do our laundry for a very minimal amount of baht.

It also wasn’t a problem that we weren’t in the typical traveller part of the city because we were able to catch a free shuttle bus to the main Wat Pho area. This was because hundreds of locals were flocking to the city palace to pay their respects to the late King. We visited the huuuuge reclining Buddha, it’s 15 meters high and 42 meters long which was very impressive (but annoyingly difficult to take a good picture!). We also checked out Khao San Road, where we were all immediately infected with cheap market shopping fever, and added to our growing collection of travelling trousers (thankfully no elephant based purchases were made though).

We rounded off our short stint in Bangkok with some tasty pad Thai and a beer, before getting an early flight to Myanmar!


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