Indonesia, Ubud – Lombok, Days 109 – 120

We’ll get this post started by apologising for the fact we have completely let this whole blog thing go over the past few months! We’re now in New Zealand, so a good few months behind, but we’ll get there eventually with all the updates, promise! I guess we can just blame it on the fact that we’ve been doing so much, and having such a great time, that sitting down at a computer hasn’t really been a priority…but we’ll totally try to shape up now.


We spent almost a month in Indonesia, and it was just about the right length of time to discover lots of the wonderful things Bali and Lombok have to offer. There are so many other islands to visit however, that to cover everything in Indonesia requires a whole new trip on its own! The four of us landed in Denpasar international airport from Kota Kinabalu, and drove straight out to Ubud, and the very nice hostel we had managed to find through some cheeky Agoda searches and discounts. It was the last week we would be a four, as Amie and Sarah were heading home at the start of march (nooo), and so we planned to cram a lot in for the end of our time together.

We really enjoyed wandering around Bali’s ‘cultural capital’, and spent far too long browsing the incredible markets dotted about the town, and explored some of the beautiful fields and rice paddies located on the edge of the town. The absolute highlight however was our climb of Mount Batur, a 5,633 ft tall active volcano located in the North East of the island, a two hour drive from Ubud. We were picked up at 2am, and the hike started at about 4am. It was a pretty tough climb up to the summit, but 100% worth it for the best sunrise I have ever seen. Photos do not even do the view justice, it was an amazing morning!

After Ubud we booked a boat and made our way over to Gili Trawangan, a small island off Lombok, where we would be spending the last few days together as a four. We checked into our hostel where we spent our remaining time together chilling in the pool, going turtle spotting, having our own private yoga session, eating lots of incredible buddha bowls, smoothie bowls, healthy salads…basically embracing the Eat, Pray, Love lifestyle to the max!


But Gili T wasn’t all fun, because after months together, it was finally time to part with our fav pals 😦 😦 😦 we waved Amie and Sarah off on the ferry back to the mainland where they had a few days in Seminyak before starting the long journey home. And then, once again, there were two. So we promptly headed off to the beach and consoled ourselves with a beverage while we watched the sun set. 


Anna and I stayed on Gili T for one final night where it seemed the whole island was sad that Amie & Sarah had left, as for the the first time in weeks, we were kept inside by torrential downpours. Once the weather had cleared up a bit, we hopped onto another ferry and headed further East, to the island of Lombok. We only stayed in and explored the area of Kuta, but had a fantastic time, and would love to go back to discover more of what the island has to offer. While on Lombok we finally got round to hiring a scooter, and spent our 5 days on the island scootering to all of the nearby beaches, squabbling about who got to drive (we seem to have got the bike bug off our Dad), relaxing on the stunning (and quiet!) beaches, and even tried out surfing for the first time, on the well known “beginner’s beach:. Anna immediately proved to be quite the pro, and was up and balancing on her board far too quickly (I’m not jealous at all). It was great that we each had our own teacher, and by the end of our 2.5 hour one-on-one lessons, both of us had got significantly further than we were expecting. It was so much fun!

That pretty much sums up our first few weeks in Indonesia, and as fantastic as Gili T and Lombok were, we were super keen to get back to Bali, as it meant that we would be seeing our ol’ Pa again for the first time in 4 months! Excited didn’t even cover it 😀

A & K


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