Australia, Days 133 – 155

Due to our lack of posting, this Australia update is going to be another one made up mainly of photos! But Anna has snapped some absolute crackers, so please forgive us while we let the photos do the talking.


We were lucky enough to be taken in by the wonderful Rich (despite the fact he had not met us since we were wee babes) and Steph, who came to our rescue when we struggled to find any affordable accommodation in the city. Thank you so much, you made our time in Melbourne so fantastic!

Botanical Gardens

Exploring the city, the museums and graffiti.

St Kilda’s

Spent an evening with Rich and Steph bowling and playing pool (they seriously put us to shame), followed by staying up FAR too late (time really does fly when you’re having fun!), and being instroduced to the bEST burger i think i have ever tasted. 8-bit, you stole my heart.


Our final day was spent going up to the Eureka Skydeck where we saw some incredible views over Melbourne. And we also checked out the city library and generally wandered a bit more in this great city.

We also left our hearts in Melbourne due to this little cutie, Rich & Steph’s puppy Luna



Botanical gardens & Bondi beach

Day trip out of the city to the Blue Mountains. Lots of walking (the Giant Stairway almost killed us), but totally worth it for the views

Enjoying Sydney by night, and reaching the height of our “backpackerness” – cold spaghetti out of a can in front of the Sydney Opera house

Art galleries and calligraphy lessons

Noms – bringing people together across the world! Checked out the Opera house and walked the Harbour bridge with Peter

Trip across the harbour to Mossman. Feat. lots of wildlife

Alice Springs & Uluru


Kjata Tuja

Uluru by day

Uluru at sunset

Cairns & North Queensland

Cairns botanical gardens

Stony Creek & Northern Beaches

Meeting the neighbours

Road trip up to Cape Tribulation, with our new pals Elenya & Rosie. Day 1 – We gathered supplies, named our camper Debbie, and enjoyed a swim at a tiny secluded campsite

Day 2 – We dognapped a pug, had to jump start Debbie, and crashed a flame thrower’s 21st birthday party

Day 3 – We snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, almost ran over a cassowary, and renamed Debbie to Diedre, after she started falling apart

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef πŸ™Œ

Day 4 – We went crocodile spotting (unsuccesfully),
fed some adorable wallabies, and gave our home on wheels back


Last few days in Cairns. Hikes, BBQ’s and waterfalls

We had the best experience of couchsurfing in Cairns – Sam, if there’s any chance you ever read this – thanks for introducing us to the best kebabs and frozen yoghurt ever, and showing us all the hidden gems around the city.

A & K


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