Indonesia, Nusa Lembongan – Singaraja – Days 121 – 132

After arriving back on Bali we spent one night in a home stay in the lovely little coastal town of Sanur, before catching a morning ferry across to the island of Nusa Lembongan. Although this little island off the Southeast coast of Bali is increasing in popularity, it was a nice contrast to the mainland, as it has virtually no cars, and you don’t feel quite so swamped by tourists as you do in the South of Bali. We had once again managed to find a really good deal with our accommodation, and found ourselves in a fab little hotel, with another pool and some great free breakfast! (Backpacking priorities). We were only on the island for a few days, and pretty much did nothing but chill out, swim, and send Dad far too many requests for random items that he would have to cram into his luggage.

We did spend one day doing the classic snorkelling trip that Nusa is well known for. We’d heard that there was a chance we might be able to swim with Manta Rays, and we were not disappointed! After a pretty hairy boat ride across some BIG waves, we arrived at Manta Point – where we were immediately greeted with the sight of two magnificent Mantas gliding through the water. We jumped straight in and spent the next 15 minutes getting as close as we dared, and trying to snatch a few pictures. Unfortunately the cove where we had anchored up was full of rubbish, and it was really sad to see these amazing creatures having to navigate plastic bags and bottles. We tried our best to grab as much out of the water as we could, but it’s become so clear to us that there is a massive rubbish problem in most of Asia, and something really needs to be done!

After a few days on Nusa we caught a ferry back to the mainland, and spent our last two days in the South of the island, in Kuta. We’d been warned off about heading this way, because it’s basically the Aussie’s version of Magaluf, but we chose it because it’s close to the airport. And we didn’t have any problems with it! Admittedly we were staying a fair bit out from the main party area to make the most of cheap hostels, but we had a good time exploring the markets and watching the hundreds of people trying to learn to surf on Kuta beach.

We checked out of our hostel after the 2nd night, and excitedly jumped into a taxi to the airport, homemade sign in hand, ready to greet our ol’ Dad after his long flight out. It was so so nice to see him after so many months apart, especially on the other side of the world. We definitely did not expect it would happen when we first set out in November!

We did spend a large portion of our time together just chilling out and relaxing in Mike’s inCREDIBLE villa (massive thanks for letting us all stay in your beautiful villa for the week Mike – it was the most welcome change from hostels everrr), as Dad certainly deserved a break, having to do nothing more than apply sun cream and decide which tropical fruits we would try for breakfast that day. Our time in the villa was made even more enjoyable by Willy, a friend of Mike’s, who was kind enough to drive us around the chaotic streets of Bali, and showed us many wonderful attractions that we might otherwise have missed. Willy also treated us to a couple of delicious home cooked Balinese meals, which were just amazing, I’ve been dreaming about them ever since we left. 

A highlight of our week together was our trip across to the West of the island, to Menjangan Island. The island is a marine park that has been well preserved, and is by far the most amazing snorkelling we have ever done. We spent a wonderful 3 hours exploring the drop off, and finally found Nemo (!!).


We have been lucky enough to pretty much be on holiday for the past 4.5 months, and spending a week with our Dad, in beautiful Bali, was definitely the best way to end our time in Asia. It did however make it even harder to head back to Denpasar airport when we finally had to say goodbye to this fantastic continent, (and now also Dad), before the twin and I headed off to Australia for the next leg of our trip.

A & K


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