Philippines, Bohol – Boracay, Days 88 – 101

Because we are quite behind with our blog posts (we're going to blame dodgy wifi and phone issues...) we're just going to sum up our time in Bohol and Boracay with photos. Both were beach-y and beautiful, and we met some really wonderful people there! Bohol - Countryside Tour - Chocolate hills, bamboo bridge and … Continue reading Philippines, Bohol – Boracay, Days 88 – 101


Philippines, Cebu, Days 83 – 87

The Philippines was one country that the 3 of us could not wait to get to. Partly because of it's famously beautiful beaches, but primarily because we were going to be joined by the fourth member of our squad, our favourite ginger Sarah πŸŽ‰πŸ‘. On top of that, we were also going to be reunited … Continue reading Philippines, Cebu, Days 83 – 87